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Friday, November 10, 2017

Hannah Frank news Nov 2017

Hannah Frank, Glasgow artist and sculptor



Sales of some of Hannah Frank’s highly collectable prints are now available to help raise urgent funds for a Scottish synagogue.
Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre, in the city’s Dee Street, have had to raise £10,000 towards repairs. Members have been forced out of their synagogue after a major flood that was caused by a faulty washing machine. The amount is the shortfall from what the congregation expects to receive from its insurer.  Total repair costs are expected to be £30,000.
The prints we have made available are 'In thoughts from the visions of the night' and 'Night' which usually retail at £200 for each print. We are offering them at £100 each, with all proceeds going to the synagogue appeal.
My aunt signed a limited number of prints during her lifetime which makes these collectable.  She completed these drawings, signed ‘Al Aaraaf’, her pen name, in 1930 
while studying simultaneously at Glasgow University and at the Glasgow School of Art.  The prints are signed ‘Hannah Frank’ in pen or pencil.

Hannah was deeply involved in the Jewish community throughout her life and illustrated many materials for Jewish organisations.  Just before her 100th birthday she said: “In spite of being born in Glasgow, I regarded myself then as Jewish rather than Scottish. It was something you could not escape.” We feel sure that she would want to help the Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre.

To buy the collectable prints and help the synagogue please visit

Aberdeen Synagogue and Community Centre, 74 Dee Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6DS.
Art Bronze Foundry, London

We are sorry to hear that the Art Bronze Foundry, London, has temporary closed due to illness of its director, Philip Freiensener.
When Hannah turned to sculpture in 1952, studying under Benno Schotz, she had most of her sculptures cast at the Art Bronze Foundry.  She worked with Philip's predecessor and great uncle, Michael Gaskin, to ensure the very best quality bronze casting.  We have always had really great service from them and our thoughts are with Philip for a full recovery.


Plans for a major commemorative Hannah Frank exhibition in Glasgow next year are coming together.
The exhibition will take place in the year in which my aunt would have been 110.  It will run from 2 October 2018 to mid January 2019  at Glasgow University.  During the opening weekend there will be a dinner and other surprises – please plan to be around Glasgow at that time!  We will of course let you know  more information as it arises.
We’re looking out for other spaces to exhibit too so please go and speak to your local public art institution about a show in 2019 and beyond; we may be in a position to gift some sculpture at that time to public art institutions too, so please get in touch to know more.

Please contact me with your stories and memories of my aunt and her art (and don’t forget to use the website to buy prints and books; the sales keep this project going, and they make great Christmas and Chanukah presents). NB: new on the Hannah Frank website - a downloadable leaflet giving info about the signed prints and notelets available. 

best wishes
Fiona Frank
niece of the late Hannah Frank, and director of the Hannah Frank Art Project
tel +44 (0)7778 737681

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