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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bill Laughlin from 2Canvas, Stockwell St, Glasgow, with Hannah Frank in her room in the Care Home in Newton Mears with a 24"x30" canvas reproduction of 'Mocking Fairy' (1931) next to one of Hannah's original drawings, 'I sought him but I found him not' (1935). You can see one of her 'double figures' in the background, and also 'Girl at window' (1946). For more info about canvas reproductions of Hannah Frank's art - available from 1st Nov 2007 - go to the 2Canvas website on . Part of the proceeds of every sale come back to us to help to 'make Hannah Frank a household name'.#

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More birthday pix 23rd August 2007, 99 today

the sculpture is one that Auntie Hannah made of the next door neighbour, now Val de Villiers - nearly 50 years ago!

Hannah Frank is now 99!

and a great time was had by all on Thursday, 23rd August 2007. Here are some of the photos of the day...