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Saturday, August 30, 2008

100th birthday 23 August 2008 - more photos by Kush Budha

After a special service at Garnethill Synagogue - where the Rev Aharon Soudry mentioned Hannah in his sermon, and family and friends joined the congregation for a delicious Kiddush where they were entertained by a fabulous speech by Miriam Margolyes - a VERY small family gathering was held for Hannah at the care home where she lives. We read her the fabulous article "Artist of the Century" from that day's edition of the Scottish Daily Mail -and Archie Hunter, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, came to read her the telegram from the Queen. And see the other post for the 'eminent visitors' who also came to see her on her birthday.

Present at the gathering l-r Mai and Jonathan Frank from Boston, Lynn and Peter Rankin from Preston, Fiona Frank, David and Julie Frank from Jersey, Rob Steen (in hat) from Lewes, Sarah Frank (currently based in Paris and Dublin). Bottom row Jen Rankin (currently based in London), Anna Huxham (Lancaster) and Evie Steen from Lewes.

After a feast of chocolate, Hannah went to bed... surrounded by at least 100 cards sent to her by family, friends and fans.

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