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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

november news

Lots of news since my last update.

I've just received the video of the booklaunch from my videoing friend who's done a beautiful edit on it. It made me cry, to see Auntie Hannah declaiming her poem, Faerie ... "I stood me there in tall trees' shade".... Phil has cut in some footage of her original drawings and artefacts in her room (which Ed Horwich photographed last year), and it finishes with a longshot on her selfportrait in 1925, when she was 17.... a lovely evocative piece of video.

We've just been offered an original Hannah Frank from an owner who has nowhere to put it - this is great news! the website is obviously doing its job.

But the biggest news is that we've been joined by Bopo Phillips, who's doing an MA (Consultancy) at Lancaster University, and she's going to be spending two days a week for the next six months, working on helping to make Hannah Frank a household name along with the Jack Vettrianos of this world.... we're going up to introduce Bopo to Auntie Hannah this weekend. Bopo is already licking me into shape (have a look at the improved website with info about costs of sculpture recasts, for example!) and I've been doing lots of filing and sorting this week ready for our next meeting.

In the meantime, here is a task for you all. Please go to your local LIBRARY, and ask for a copy of 'Hannah Frank, A Glasgow Artist: Drawings and Sculpture' - edited by Fiona Frank, published by the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, ISBN 0951320556

And email me when you've done it, and let me know WHERE! (

thanks so much....

a la prochaine!


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