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Saturday, October 30, 2004

New feature in Kent magazine!

I am ecstatic to find that last Sunday (24th October) there was a FRONT PAGE feature on a colour magazine - Kent on Sunday Review on Sunday - which is linked to a book review written by Brian Stewart, curator of Falmouth Art Gallery (where a couple of Hannah Frank original drawings were exhibited earlier this year). We have already had some orders and interest from Kent because of this..., the front page features 'Sea Story' - fabulous - and the WHOLE PAGE review gives lots of detail about Hannah Frank and says:

"This revised edition is magnificently produced and a joy to look at. It is a book you can return to again and again. The illustrations are just stunning".

So that's pretty good!!

Today we did the booklaunch in Lancaster, at the closing day of the city's Diversity Festival - on the 'Jewish Stall. ' I must say booklaunches and free food don't go very well together, but on the whole it was a great day.


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