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Saturday, September 11, 2004

more and more

Yesterday received a lovely big order for prints and cards from a gallery in Scotland - and heard that there's a nice article with a photo (of me and my aunt) in the Glasgow Jewish Telegraph - great! Packed up loads of books and cards and prints yesterday and sorted out a small binding glitch with the printers. Still sorting out a large Post Office Box glitch with Royal Mail (apparently about 15 letters got sent back to their senders between April and June... if that's you, they and I are sorry, and please re-send your order to the address on the Hannah Frank website!)

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Norm said...

I like the idea of use a web log to journal your activities - not only does it keep those of us interested in your art activities up-to-date, but it also serves as an example to others thinking of doing something similar. I've now set up my own web log Thanks for the inspiration! Off to look and see if anyone else has something similar which could be of use.