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Friday, September 03, 2004

Miriam Margolyes!

I have just had an email from Miriam Margolyes - who played one of the Professors in the last Harry Potter film - saying that she LOVES THE WORK and the website, and wants to buy some cards....I asked if I could use her quote on the website, and she said I could..... so now beginneth the 'celebrities love Hannah Frank' section! Her late father comes from the Glasgow Jewish community, and she'd been emailed about the book by Harvey Kaplan from the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre who have published it.... good stuff! Now I want to find Shell from Big Brother UK 2004 and get a photo of her holding the book or meeting my auntie....any ideas?

Also - I met a friend on the train to Manchester this morning who suggested a solution to a problem that I've had with the printing of the book. There are some copies which are 'seconds' - there are small globs of glue on the inside back cover of some of the books, and I'm waiting to talk to the printer about them. But she suggested that I offer them at half price to people who couldn't afford the whole price book! And then, I realised, I could also offer the 'non cleaned up version' of the print The Mocking Fairy at the same deal! - and she said that actually, people might be interested in buying that one anyway, as it shows the artists' intentions - it's a version showing the ruled pencil lines underneath the black lettering and the moon, etc... you can see the cleaned up version of the print on the Hannah Frank website (and go to 'see the drawings'). She being one of the people who can't afford the whole book but loves the art, was VERY pleased with this idea, as am I! I hope the MD of the printers will think it's a good idea too. I just have to make sure that they will manually check all the books....

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