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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

lots has happened over the summer

welcome back to the Blog after several months off. But that's only been time off blogging, not time off making things happen in the world of Hannah Frank art. Hannah Frank prints are still on show for a special extended period at Garnethill Synagogue, Hill St, Glasgow: the next open day will be an 'Open Doors' event on Sunday 18th September. Then there'll be an exhibition in Inverness at the Riverside Gallery.... then a big exhibition at the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts at the Kelly Gallery, Douglas St, Glasgow; then one in the London Jewish Cultural Centre in their new premises in Golders Green.... and so on and so on!

Breaking news is that Andy Scott, the public artist, has been commissioned to make a set of panels in front of some public housing in South Portland Street in the Gorbals - the very street that Auntie Hannah grew up in before the family moved to Dixon Avenue in Govanhill. He's going to include one of Hannah Frank's images, and put information about her in an information panel by the side of the image.

I have lots of photos to put up on the site and we will do so very soon.
Try for more info / and contact me by email if you want to go on an email list to get up to date info every three weeks or so by email.

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